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Integrity, confidence and trust are what homeowners can expect from our roofers out of the Dallas, TX, area. Both residential and commercial clients will be pleased with our company's attention to detail, punctuality and professionalism. Repairing or replacing a roof is a breeze with professionals taking care of every step along the way.

The roofing company difference is in the experience.
  • Roofers with 30 years of experience have seen it all. They know when a repair or replacement is necessary and will accurately convey that information to the customer. Communication takes stress out of any roofing project.
  • Each roofer understands the frustrations involved with major damage that seems to occur overnight, and they have empathy for customers as they repair items as efficiently as possible. These professionals will do their best to quote a fair price while incorporating insurance when available.
  • The company goal is always to leave customers smiling, so each project is treated with critical attention and accuracy for optimum results.
Dallas roofers verify each project for pinpoint accuracy to ensure a leak free structure
  • Customers can trust in a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A designation. Roofing professionals don't take this designation lightly because it's hard work and dedication that makes their finished product such high quality.
  • Dealing with insurance issues is frustrating for homeowners and business owners alike, so contractors become the point of contact for adjusters. Repair details and coverage information are discussed, allowing both parties to create the best policy result possible.
  • Even material manufacturers believe in contractor expertise, so professional certifications must be updated frequently. Roofer knowledge is enhanced with each factory class so that materials can be skillfully added to any structure.
  • Customers need the assurance that roof warranty policies will be effective in case of defects or emergencies. With factory training behind each project, warranties can be employed and even extended in some cases. Contractors should discuss all warranty parameters with customers to keep them as updated as possible.

Have a question regarding residential roofing, commercial roofing, exterior renovations or windows and doors? Please contact the roofers from Orlando Group Roofing now.

Business owners have a lot to deal with, but roof problems don't have to be part of those issues.

A local church was in need of a roofing system that didn't compromise their weekly congregations. Roofers were able to come out and explain all options to the customer. Because roof materials were new to the customer, dedicated roofers explained every detail until everything was understood. Even as the project began, questions still came up as workers progressed. Professionals know that spending time with customers to answer all of their questions is important on any job and helps everyone understand the entire project's scope. The resulting project was a roof that will supply decades of structural protection above parishioners' heads. Quality products with expert installation techniques pleased church officials because they are now protected against possible water damage for years to come. The church can be used daily with a strong building envelope.

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