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Nothing illuminates a room like the inflow of natural light through a beautiful window. A small upstairs nook can be turned into a cozy bedroom or den with the addition of a dormer. Although a skylight also allows sunshine into an upper story, it doesn't create the extra living space that can be enjoyed when a vertical window is propped up on the side of a sloping roof. A dormer can be an attractive feature both inside and out, and different varieties of eaves can be a functional and stylish addition. When it comes to the makeup of a roof's exterior, Dallas roofing experts can answer questions regarding these and other details.

Some structures exhibit a row of dormers that give them an even, symmetrical appearance. The style, which originated with the Teutons of Northern Europe, has grown in popularity throughout the centuries. It ranges from the simple lucarne to the elaborate Victorian era model and continues to dominate American architecture today. If built in proper proportion to the roof from which it protrudes, a dormer can be an elegant addition to a house. A variety of shapes can shadow dormer windows.

One of the most common dormer types features a small gable roof. Rain and snow conveniently flow off the sides and bypass the window. Meanwhile, the top story room has access to much needed ventilation and sunlight.

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In comparison to other dormer styles, the gabled model opens up a large amount of headroom in the attic. From the outside, it looks classic and sleek with a simplicity that complements many housing trends. A line of gabled dormers positioned on a steep roof is a familiar sight both in the city and around the countryside.

A shed dormer is not much different from a gabled one. The small roof over the window consists of one sloping surface rather than two. On some buildings, an elongated version with numerous windows contributes versatility to the structure. Since it is often close to the length of the building, the extended dormer can resemble an additional story at times. On the other hand, a hipped dormer is generally small and usually attaches to a hipped roof. The window is covered by a modest structure with a flat top and three sloping sides. The pitch limits the amount of interior space provided, but the hipped dormer is very sturdy.

A segmental roof dormer forms an arch over the window. It can be large or small and softens the building's overall edge. A half circle is also found occasionally in an "eyebrow" dormer. This unique design, along with its triangular counterpart, is more decorative than practical. Very little headroom is created by these architectural additions, but they do lighten up the upper level rooms. If exterior appearance is the only concern, blind or false dormers can be placed on the roof's slope while the attic remains unchanged.

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