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Most homeowners want to extend the life of their roof. Dallas roofing professionals know that when homeowners do preventive maintenance and schedule regular inspections, roofing problems that may significantly reduce the life of a roof can be avoided.

Most homeowners have a basic understanding how the roof functions. Many prefer to leave the inspection of the roof in the hands of professionals. During a professional inspection, the seals around skylights are reviewed. It is not uncommon for leaves and other debris to get stuck around the edge of a skylight and degrade the seal. If moisture penetrates a damaged seal, this may lead to significant roof and decking damage.

The flashing around the chimney and vents will be inspected as they are likely to leak from improper sealing. Other roofing material such as shingles, shakes and metal decking should be inspected for cracking or for lifting. Any damages that are found should be repaired immediately. A final area that requires routine inspection is the visible underside of the attic. During this part of the inspection, signs of damage or staining in the plywood can be easily identified and indicate a leak.

Keeping a roof clean and free of debris will increase its lifespan. When moisture accumulates underneath debris, it will begin to degrade roofing materials.

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A collection of debris on the roof can impede water flow, which can cause gutters to overflow, lead to damage in lower parts of the roof and accelerate deterioration. When moisture accumulates on a roof, it can lead to algae and mold growth, which not only damages the roof but can also present a health hazard to homeowners.

Removing precipitation and tree branches will extend the life of a roof. An inspection will show areas where water is pooling on the roof. Tree branches that grow over a roof should be removed for two reasons. First, removing them will eliminate the possibility of them breaking off during the storm and damaging a roof. Second, removing tree branches will allow the decking of a roof and the eaves to dry completely. Tree branches create shade as well as trap moisture. Roofing material underneath these areas will wear out far faster than a roof that is able to completely dry out.

Installing a good roof is an expensive investment. However, when a roof is well taken care of, it will provide a high return on investment both through years of use and an increased selling price for the home.

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