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A home's gutters offer valuable protection from the elements. They stop water from pooling on the roof and direct the water away from the foundation by way of the downspout. Unfortunately, debris buildup in the gutters can make it difficult for them to do their job properly. Many homeowners are turning to gutter guards installed by a Fort Worth roofing professional to solve this problem.

Gutter guards sit on top of the gutters. Though exact styles might vary from brand to brand, the basic design looks similar to a screen. The small holes allow water to flow freely into the gutter and away from the home, but they prevent larger things like leaves or evergreen needles from entering the gutters. In some cases, it's still necessary to physically wipe away debris from the top of the gutter guards, but this is a much smaller inconvenience than digging out piles of debris from inside the gutter.

If the gutters become clogged, the water will be blocked from the downspouts and will pool in certain areas. Not only can this stagnant water become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, it can also start to seep into the wood around the pooled water. This can cause the wood to warp or mold to grow.

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Some homeowners might even notice water stains along their walls if the water soaks in that way. Blocked gutters can also make ice dams more likely for those who live in colder climates.

There's no doubt that gutter guards can be a big help to any homeowner. However, certain homes stand to benefit more than others. For example, a home that has tree branches hanging over the roof will be more likely to experience gutter clogging. While trimming those branches is another acceptable solution, the gutter guards are likely to be the more affordable option. In general, anyone who has had problems with gutters in the past should consider this easy fix.

Professional installation of gutter guards is the smartest idea. An experienced worker will be able to determine the proper size and make sure that all of the pieces are installed correctly and working properly.

While gutter guards may not be something that a homeowner needs, they can definitely be a big convenience, especially for those who want to avoid problems with their gutters as well as those who prefer to avoid the hassle and risk involved in regular cleaning of unprotected gutters and downspouts.

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