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Almost two thirds of the roofing market is made up of asphalt shingle installations and replacements, which generates approximately 7 to 10 million tons of asphalt shingle waste each year. In the past few decades, there was no effective way to recycle this asphalt waste, so it ended up in community landfills. The petroleum based products that are used to manufacture asphalt shingles can then leach into the soil, potentially causing significant damage to the environment and health issues for nearby residents.

Modern technology has made it possible to recycle asphalt for use in roadways, which benefits consumers in a number of ways. Property owners who are considering replacing an asphalt roof can find out more about recycling their old roof by talking with a Fort Worth roofing contractor.

Although old and worn out asphalt shingles can also be used to make new asphalt shingles, the most prevalent use of asphalt is to create new roads. The construction of new roads that is paid for with state and federal funds must meet certain standards regarding the recycling of old asphalt shingles. This means that the quality and safety of the roadway will be assured.

Roads made with recycled shingles are often more durable and last longer than traditionally paved roads. They are more resistant to wear, moisture, cracking and rutting because of the reinforcement old shingles provide to the hot mix asphalt that is used for paving.

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The simple process is similar to using recycled, torn up asphalt from roadways. The shingles are ground down in varying sizes depending on the type of road or lot that is being installed. Larger chunks are used in heavily traveled roads; smaller chunks can be used to coat temporary roads and driveways for dust control. Contractors who are removing an asphalt roof don't need to worry about separating the nails either. The recycling centers use powerful magnets to separate them from the shingles, making the process quite easy and convenient.

Recycling asphalt shingles is almost always cheaper than sending them to a landfill, a cost savings that contractors can pass along to their customers. Recycling shingles also helps individual states meet their recycling goals, and recycling shingles keeps the environment cleaner.

Not all states have approved recycling centers as an option for property owners yet, but there are more being constructed all the time. The best source of information is a GAF certified roofing professional. Certified roofers will be up to date with the availability of recycling in the area, and they are trained in the most efficient and cost effective ways to repair or replace a roof based on the consumer's particular needs.

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