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The gutter system is an incredibly important functional component on a home. When installed and working properly, the gutters collect water that falls off the roof during rainstorms and directs it to the ground away from the home's foundation. By diverting water away from the roof, gutters protect the wooden materials, such as the soffits, fascia and eaves, from rotting. However, the gutters can quickly become clogged, which is why many homeowners choose to install gutter guards.

One of the main advantages to installing gutter guards is that they reduce the likelihood that the gutters will clog and back up. Most guards work in a way that allows the water to go into the gutter but prevents leaves and twigs from entering. Depending on the type of guard, the organic debris may actually slide right off the roof. Although it is still recommended to have an expert Fort Worth roofing contractor provide regular maintenance on the gutter system, gutter guards can help homeowners rest easy in knowing their gutters will not be overflowing when the next big storm hits.

Even though the gutters will still need regular maintenance, the guards should reduce the amount of debris that is actually making it into the gutters. This means that maintenance may not be needed as often, and it will be much easier and quicker to remove any debris that made it past the guard.

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When the correct gutter guard is used, the gutters are also less likely to rust. When wet debris collects in the gutters, moisture can become trapped. This moisture will make certain metals, including steel or aluminum, rust prematurely. By keeping the gutters free from organic debris, the gutter guards reduce moisture and prevent rusting, which could lead to gutter failure.

In addition to causing rust, debris that builds up in gutters can attract insects and other small pests, such as mice. Installing gutter guards can help prevent small critters from making a home in the gutter and causing damage to shingles and other roofing materials.

There are a number of types of gutter guards available that can be installed easily. Some guards sit on top of the gutters while other sit inside or cover the entire top of the gutter minus a small slit that allows water to enter the gutter system. It can be difficult to determine what type of gutter guard is right for a particular home. As such, a professional roofer should be contacted as he or she can provide knowledge on the different types that are available.

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