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Homeowners seeking an easy way to boost the curb appeal and energy efficiency of their home should consider having that tired front door replaced with a new one. Exterior door replacement is a topic that's trending right now in the Fort Worth roofing community, with many homeowners especially looking for this service. Here are some reasons why.

The first thing many people really see when they look at a home is its front door. They may notice the landscaping or the color of paint, but the front entrance really draws attention. This is why it's a good idea not just to keep a front door well maintained, painted and clean, but to replace it when the time is right to do so. It presents a poor first impression if the door looks bad or even just tired or faded.

To spruce up a home's appearance, replacing the front door is definitely an easy solution. An older door can be removed and replaced with a better one in just a matter of hours. This includes changing out weather stripping and adding new locks and hardware. No need to sacrifice a weekend for this project!

Speaking of weather stripping, a new exterior door with proper and professional installation can definitely bring down energy bills by keeping out hot summer air or the chill of winter. This is especially true if the previously installed door was drafty and had a poor seal.

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Cheaply manufactured doors are especially prone to these issues.

A new door can make an appreciable difference in the indoor climate and heating and air conditioning usage. In fact, an energy efficient door can trim an estimated 10 percent off home energy bills. To get the most energy efficiency, homeowners may want to consider Energy Star rated doors, along with high quality weather stripping and expert installation.

For a new front door, homeowners and their contractor should determine if a pre hung unit would be best in order to replace a bad or unsightly frame. If so, the contractor can immediately measure for the door needed and determine handedness, right or left, for the new door and frame unit.

Then the homeowner should make the choice regarding materials for the new front door. Wood, steel and fiberglass are the most popular choices for materials. Steel tends to be budget friendly and strong with a high return on investment, but high quality wooden doors almost always look better and last longer. Fiberglass is generally in between for both cost and appearance.

Selecting a new door and having it installed can improve both the attractiveness and energy usage of a home. A professional installation will ensure that both of those benefits are maximized.

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