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Most homeowners don't have much input regarding the design or materials initially used in their roofing system. However, it is possible to use energy efficient features and services to increase a home's performance throughout the year. Fort Worth roofing experts realize that moderating home comfort levels can account for approximately 40 percent of the energy used in the typical residence, so they provide recommendations for treating or updating a roof to reduce these energy demands.

Home sealing addresses one of the most common situations that can cause wasted energy. While the roof may not be the most significant source of leaks, it may contribute to the problem. Protrusions from the roof like dormers and skylights can become leaky. Caulk may wear out, becoming brittle and losing its ability to keep airflow at the edges of these design elements at bay. Removal and replacement of old caulk is helpful for enhancing efficiency levels.

Supplementing one's attic insulation is another way to improve efficiency throughout the home. If the floor joists can be viewed above the existing insulation, additional material can be added. This is an excellent DIY project for the individual who is comfortable with moving through the attic and handling the material. However, fiberglass can be irritating, causing pain and itching when it comes into contact with the skin.

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It may be beneficial to contact a professional if this type of work is difficult. Further, a roofing professional may be able to recommend options such as blown or sprayed insulation that can minimize the time needed while maximizing efficiency options.

Color makes a huge difference in household efficiency levels, and cooler colors on the roof can translate into much lower temperatures. Cool roofs can be up to 50 degrees cooler than roofs that are darker in color. This can be a significant option for reducing the activity of an air conditioner during the summer because less heat being absorbed into the living space means that less cooling activity will be necessary.

A roofing system can last between 15 and 50 years based on the materials used. If a roof is demonstrating significant signs of damage, it may be beneficial to explore cooler roofing options for a replacement project. At the same time, it is important to realize that meticulous maintenance of the roofing system can play a part in keeping comfort levels optimized and keeping energy bills to a minimum. Scheduling professional roofing maintenance at least once per year is advisable to ensure enhanced energy performance levels.

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