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Most homes have an asphalt or metal roof due to the relatively low cost and durability of those materials. However, those who are looking for a unique roofing material may wish to learn more about slate roofing. Not only can slate give a unique appearance to a home, but it is durable and has an extraordinarily long lifespan.

Slate roofing is considerably more expensive than other types of roofing available. However, this is because the materials are an investment. Asphalt roofing is only expected to last about 20 years; slate roofing is usually rated to last about 80 years, but it can last for more than 100 years when properly installed and maintained. Once the slate roof is installed, it often needs very little maintenance beyond regular roof inspections by a local Fort Worth roofing contractor.

Homeowners should understand that slate tiles are extremely fragile and heavy, meaning that it is in their best interest to hire a professional roofing company to install this type of roof. Homeowners who attempt to install their own roofs risk dropping the slate tiles while getting them up onto the roof and cracking them by hammering the roofing nails in too far. Because this is such an investment, it is best to ensure that the roof is properly installed the first time around.

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If homeowners are willing to front the cost of the materials and the expert installation, there are other factors to consider. First, it must be known if the home can actually support the weight of the slate tiles. Slate is much heavier than asphalt shingles or metal shingles. This means that the homeowner will likely have to have the home's structural integrity tested before the materials are purchased.

A slate roof can be very beautiful, but it does have a distinct gray and blue appearance. This means that the slate may not be the right fit aesthetically for all homes. Slate is a 100 percent natural product, meaning that there are no dyes or pigments used to color the slate. This also means that there may be some subtle color differences depending on where the slate is mined.

Slate roofs will last several lifetimes. As such, the factors should be considered very carefully before any decision is made. A professional roofer can provide extra information about slate tiles to help homeowners determine if this particular type of roof is right for them before they place their order for the materials.

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