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Environmentally responsible homeowners are constantly searching for new ways to improve their property, including cool roofs. A home has a cool roof when it's highly reflective, for example. Sunlight radiation bounces off these roofs and into the atmosphere instead of heating up the home's interior. Currently, Fort Worth roofing contractors offer several cool roof options for savvy homeowners.

Low slope and flat rooftops use membrane systems to protect their vulnerable construction. Thick sheets installed across the rooftop form a continuous, leak free surface, for instance. Contractors can make this surface as reflective as possible with specialized coatings. Roofers simply spray or brush reflective coatings onto the membrane and allow it to cure. Afterward, sunlight striking the coating reflects away from the structure. As a result, the roof and home interior remain cooler than before.

Most roofs have attics directly beneath them. By adding insulation to attic ceilings, the roof has another barrier against heat transfer. Sunlight drenching the rooftop creates a lot of heat, for example. Attic insulation blocks that heat, forcing it away from the home. Homeowners benefit with long lasting roofing materials and cool interior. Households actually use less air conditioning and conserve natural resources simultaneously with reduced heat transfer.

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Generally, shingled surfaces cannot be treated with reflective coatings. However, it's possible to install cool granule shingles as an alternative. These shingles have nearly the same appearance as basic organic types installed with chalk line guidance. The only major difference is the specialized granules dotting the material surface. As sunlight illuminates the shingles, granules use their minute reflective properties to keep the structure cool. Hundreds of granules cover a standard cool shingle roof, making its reflective ability incredibly strong. Ideally, contractors should install cool granule shingles when the entire rooftop requires replacement.

Homeowners may have chosen a metal roof as their material installation choice, but it has a dark color. In general, dark colors absorb heat and warm structures throughout their interiors. As a clever cool roof solution, contractors can paint metal roofs a light colored tone. Beige, white and other light colors allow metal roofs to reflect ultraviolet radiation and contribute to cool interiors. This paint project also updates an older metal installation too.

In the future, roofing material manufacturers may have more cool roof options for discerning homeowners. Residents should maintain a strong business relationship with a trusted contractor to preserve the rooftop's material quality. As new materials become available, roofers can suggest smart surface alterations to further cool the home.

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