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As temperatures change, home comfort control can vary, especially during the summer months when sunlight and heat intensify the temperature of a home's roof. A cool roof is an ideal solution for homeowners who want to stay comfortable without spending a fortune on utility bills. However, replacing one's roof may not be in the budget. Fortunately, Fort Worth roofing companies can provide recommendations for improving household efficiency. An energy audit may also provide insight related to how energy is used in the home so that adjustments in roofing and home comfort equipment can be made.

One of the simplest ways to enhance a home's energy performance is through the installation or supplementation of attic insulation. Insulation varies in thickness and in restricting heat movement. States that implement insulation requirements in their building codes find that energy usage tends to decrease, especially in residential settings. The R value of insulation installed plays a role in the level of improvement. A homeowner may wonder about the best type of insulation and the ideal R value to use, an excellent reason to discuss the addition of the material with a roofing expert. Insulation is available in batts, but it can also be blown or sprayed. Professional assistance may be valuable because of the potential for skin irritation when working with such materials.

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Radiant barriers can be used to supplement the cool roofing benefits of attic insulation. This shiny material appears much like aluminum foil, and proper installation in the attic is important for good heat reflection results. The metallic qualities of the material reflect heat back from the home, but there must be some open space between the barrier and the roof or between the barrier and the insulation. To avoid waste, it may be ideal to have a roofing contractor complete the placement of the material.

Cool roof coatings in light or white colors can help to reduce roof temperatures by as much as 50 degrees during the hottest months, a factor that can dramatically reduce interior temperatures of the home. It is important to verify that a selected coating is compatible with one's shingles or other roofing material. In some cases, coatings can cause roofing materials to deteriorate more quickly than anticipated, an issue that could become costly and inconvenient. The typical life of a roofing system varies according to the type of covering used, the design of the roof and the quality of the material. A roofing expert can evaluate these factors to make coating recommendations.

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