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Most homeowners do not find moss to be aesthetically pleasing when it takes over the roof. Even so, it may take them some time to get around to removing the nuisance. What they may not realize is that Fort Worth roofing contractors recommend that moss should be removed as soon as possible due to the amount of damage that it can do.

Even though moss damage may not be immediately discernible, it is likely that the roof will suffer from several problems. Moss, like algae, needs water to survive. The moss will actually soak up water when it rains, holding that moisture against the asphalt shingles. If the shingles do not have a chance to dry out, the protective mineral granules may be lost, and the moisture may degrade the shingles. Once the shingles are no longer protecting the structure, the moisture can potentially penetrate the attic.

Unlike algae, moss has rhizoids that act just like roots. This root like system can pry the shingles apart as the moss grows. As they burrow into the shingles, the rhizoids can cause permanent pitting and cracks that allow water to penetrate the roof.

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The rhizoids also hold water, directly giving moisture access to the roof sheathing.

When dealing with moss, it is best to take action as soon as discoloration is seen on the roof. However, it is best to be cautious as more damage to the roof can be done. A long handled scrub brush or a pressure washer can be used to remove moss, but either method can cause even more damage to the roof. If the roof is older, for example, the force of the pressure washer can actually cause the protective granules to be washed away.

A mix of chlorine bleach and water can potentially be used to remove the moss. The solution can be applied using a sprayer. Using low pressure, the roof can then be washed after 15 or 20 minutes. Homeowners should be aware that this method could kill grass or plants that are located underneath or around the roof. It may take some time for the moss to die; once it does, it can be removed with a leaf blower.

There are also chemicals available that may remove the moss without damaging the shingles. An expert roofing contractor can help find the best possible solution that may not reduce the roof's remaining lifespan. Additionally, the contractor can help prevent the moss from returning.

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