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Slate can be one of the most durable primary roofing materials for from which homeowners can choose. It is highly specialized and designed to provide customers with a very durable and damage resistant material. All types of slate are designed to withstand damage and be long lasting, but homeowners will find there are several types of slate they can purchase for their home's exterior. Interested customers are encouraged to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of different types and colors in order to make a better decision for their future Fort Worth roofing purchase.

The most basic type of slate that homeowners can buy is sea green in color. It is quarried in Vermont and it is designed to last as long as 150 years on average, providing customers with efficient protection the entire time. This tile usually weathers into a grayer or browner state after it has spent enough time on the roof, but it is also one of the most common types of slate to restore. Most of the color weathering changes start to occur after around 75 to 90 years.

Purple slate is another popular slate tile roofing solution. This type of slate usually stays a rich, dark purple color through its life, though it is not uncommon to find this material with some green in the mix as well.

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This is another very durable and long lasting slate, capable of providing homeowners with upwards of 150 years of use. This slate is mined in Vermont and there may be other color variations in the system.

Homeowners may choose to invest in soft slate as well. A type of slate mined in Pennsylvania features a rich black color and it has a life expectancy between 70 and 120 years. The softness of the slate allows customers to enjoy a more affordable installation, though this material may wear faster in certain environments. Bands of soft carbon between the molecules in the slate result in more defined weathering as well, so homeowners should be sure to watch out for chalking early when they purchase this material.

Customers may choose to invest in Buckingham slates, which are distinct in their appearance. These gray black slates can last upwards of 125 years and they are defined by their unique glint and shine. Tiny silica crystals line the surface of this slate, resulting in a more reflective appearance that can help customers mitigate UV damage and radiation.

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