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Fort Worth homeowners know that the city has a reputation for warm weather, particularly in the summertime. This has led to increased cooling costs and the installation of oversized and energy inefficient cooling systems to keep homes climate controlled and comfortable for almost six months out of the year. Winters may also be far from temperate, but those summer cooling bills are the primary cause for concern for most homeowners.

A company that specializes in heating and cooling may try to sell homeowners on upgraded systems or expensive and potentially unnecessary biannual maintenance. Professionals in the Fort Worth roofing industry know that this only takes care one aspect of keeping the home sufficiently cooled. In general, this is also the least budget friendly part.

A solid roofing company will be able to let homeowners know that insulation also plays a key role in keeping the cool air from seeping out and allowing the hot summer air to seep in. With proper insulation and other minor fixes, a new cooling system from an HVAC company may not be necessary until some years down the line.

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The focus of providing appropriate insulation throughout the home includes proper attic ventilation and weatherstripping the doors along with sealant at the windows. These techniques are often relatively inexpensive. Because of recent shifts in sustainability, they also have the potential to be written off federal taxes depending on overall costs and other individual financial factors. Homeowners should explore these options.

A home with an insulated attic that has climate appropriate ventilation installed loses far less heat through the roof than one without. Blown in insulation can add a layer of protection between the house's living spaces and the harsh outside elements. Ventilation can prevent the buildup of hot air in the attic space, which is great for both comfort and safety.

In an older home, replacing original single pane windows or aging exterior doors might be a necessity, but for most homes, replacing tired or damaged weatherstripping can make a big difference. Sealing drafty windows can reduce the effects that both heat and cold have on the electric or gas bill. They can also reduce the sound of road noise, improving quality of life and indoor comfort significantly for some homeowners.

The takeaway message here is that a home that has adequate insulation, good ventilation and protection against drafts can be heated and cooled more easily than one where these issues have not been handled properly.

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