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Installing a new roof is a big investment. A homeowner should be sure that they hire a licensed contractor who carries insurance and has years of experience. Additionally, it will help a homeowner if they understand all of the details and aspects that are dealt with during a roofing project. This can be accomplished by having a Fort Worth roofing company write out an estimate of all the costs that go into replacing a roof. Generally, these will include the size of a roof, complexity and slope, roofing underlayment, ventilation, flashing, disposal of old roofing material, labor, local climate, overhead and profit.

An experienced roofer will begin by supplying a detailed and fair estimate that addresses the dimensions of a roof that is to be worked on. A roofer will combine roof size, slope and complexity to determine the area that will be replaced. If there is more than one story, a steep slope, difficult access or special equipment is required, the cost will increase.

At some point, a homeowner will have to work with a roofer to determine what type of roofing material will be used. Materials range from slate and clay tiles to wood shingles and asphalt shingles. These materials have both pros and cons that can be discussed with a roofer.

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If any vents, dormer windows or other structures are on a roof, extra time will be needed for installation and additional labor and material will be expensed.

A roofer will bring a container such as a dumpster to a project so that old material can be stored until it is taken away to a dump. Fees for the dumpster, disposal charges and the cost of labor to remove old material will be added into an estimate. Areas that have extreme weather such as excessive rain, snow or wind may require additional layers of material. Of course, additional material will raise the price of a job as well as the cost of labor.

A roofing contractor will need to expense for their overhead costs such as office supplies, trucks, insurance, advertising and salaries, and they will also include a percentage of profit for doing the work. Typically, a roofing company needs to make around 25 percent profit to stay in business. Some homeowners may be drawn to look at the lowest price when shopping for a roofer, but they must realize that without making a decent profit, a roofer will not be around in the future to cover any warranties.

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