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Calculating the cost of a new roof requires the expertise of a Fort Worth roofing company. A professional contractor has experience with all types of roofing projects and understands many of the nuances that go into completing a roof. An expert roofer will calculate a price that is based on roof dimensions, pitch, accessibility, age, style, difficulty and cost of materials.

A homeowner can estimate the square footage of their roof by measuring the perimeter of their home. However, to get a precise reading, a roofer will access a roof and measure all aspects that are required to complete a roofing job. Roof pitch is included in this measurement as a roof that has a steep pitch will require more material, additional hours of labor and specialized equipment for access if the pitch of a roof is too steep for ladders and walking.

The age of a home is taken into consideration by a roofer when estimating the price of a roof. An older home may have an original roof that looks fine to the naked eye but requires work on the sheathing or underlayment. Over time, if water is leaking through the top layer of a roof, it may start to deteriorate hidden layers. A professional roofer will check for any rot and determine if underlayment or sheathing needs to be replaced.

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If so, the price goes up. In addition, any shingles that are removed from an existing roof will add to the total cost, as a roofer will charge for dumping fees and the labor that is necessary to remove old material.

The style of a roof and material that is used can drastically change the cost of a roofing project. More sections and odd angles will also boost the price. Prices for material can range from $120 to $140 per 100 square feet for asphalt composite shingles and $1000 to $2000 for slate tiles in that same 100 square foot section. Features that are nestled into a roof such as chimneys, vents or dormer windows will need to have their edges sealed so that moisture does not seep down into underlayment or sheathing. This requires additional labor as well as material such as flashing.

Weather conditions and local climate also come into play when roofing a home. In areas that have nasty weather such as high winds or excessive heat or moisture, more layers of underlayment or specialized material must be used. When more layers are added to a roof, the extra cost must be calculated in to the final tally.

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