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Locating a roof leak is commonly the toughest part of fixing water problems. Water can make its way through worn shingles, loose nails, corroded flashing, poorly sealed skylights and other spots that are hard to visualize. Once moisture infiltrates the roof's materials, it will likely flow along the sheathing until it drips down below. Discolored stains on the ceiling and black mold growth in the attic are red flags that this process is taking place. Yet, less severe leaks can require more detective work. When homeowners find water damage, calling a reputable Fort Worth roofing professional for an inspection is key to preserve structural integrity.

If running water doesn't immediately reveal the leak's location, head up to the attic or highest floor of the home during a rainy day. Bring along a handy flashlight to carefully inspect the roof's underside for wetness. Remember to walk only on joists and not directly on the ceiling below. Homeowners should keep an eye out for water marks or stains on the supporting wood. Turning off the lights can help locate any small holes where water is seeping through. Mold usually thrives in spots with excess moisture, so it will trace back to the leak.

Most homeowners find that viewing the underside of the roof through a thick layer of insulation is challenging. This is actually a good thing because it's easier to spot water seeping into soggy insulation than it is to spot it in wood.

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It's recommended that homeowners remove the insulation in the wet spot. Always wear proper protective clothing and gloves when handling insulation. Follow the path of water to discover where it's been piercing through the roof. The trail of moisture will likely lead back to the shingles, gutters, ridge caps, rubber seals or gaskets.

Waiting for rain to locate roof leaks in the dry Texas climate can seem like an endless task. Luckily, a rainstorm can be easily imitated with a garden hose. One homeowner can stay stationed in the attic while a family member or friend runs water over the roof. Start with a small trickle to avoid flooding the roof and causing more severe damage. Leaking water will reflect on the inside if the homeowner uses a flashlight to pinpoint the source. Inspecting the roof section by section may be required to discover particularly well hidden leaks.

After discovering the leak's source, homeowners will want to fix it before infiltrating water causes damage to the structure underneath. Small leaks can be repaired by simply replacing a shingle on the roof's surface. However, the majority of leaks will require the attention of a trained roofing professional. Roofers can help homeowners fix the roof leak before water damage worsens.

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