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The majority of flat roofs are not completely flat. Fort Worth roofing experts know to treat slightly sloped roofs as if they are flat. These types of roofs are magnets for just about everything in the air and the outdoors. Unlike roofs with a noticeable slope, everything that lands on a flat roof stays there until someone removes it.

Manufacturers of roofing materials place stipulations on the warranties that are required before they will honor any warranty claim. With flat roof assemblies, most manufacturers require both correct installation and proper maintenance. This is to protect the manufacturer from having to replace a roof that was improperly installed or neglected by the owner. As long as the roof was installed by a trained professional, the home or business owner will only need to concern himself or herself with properly maintaining the roof.

Flat roofs will have a slight slope that is designed to direct water to the drains and carry it to the ground in the downspouts. On small roofs, this slope is usually one way while larger roofs will slope in multiple directions.

There is a layer of solid foam insulation located directly on top of the roof deck. This determines the direction that the roof is sloped.

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This foam insulation is made with polyisocyanurates. The roofing layer is then attached using metal fasteners or glued to the solid foam insulation.

On an existing flat roofed building or home, the property owner should contact a professional roofer to inspect the roof to verify that is was installed properly. The roofing contractor will also tell if there is any damage, or if the roof requires maintenance.

To properly maintain the flat roof, there are a few steps to follow. The property owner should make sure that the drains are completely free of debris. Then check the roof for loose seams and properly sealed flashing. Thoroughly check the roof surface for holes, tears, or any other visible damage. Make sure that any tree limbs that are close to the roof are trimmed back far enough that they do not pose a hazard. Then remove any foreign objects that have settled on the roof.

If the property owner notices anything out of the ordinary, it is a good idea to make an appointment with a professional to inspect. It is also recommended to have a professional inspection performed on a yearly basis as a precautionary measure.

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