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The roof of a home is there to both protect the interior from the elements and to maintain a comfortable environment inside. If there is a leak on the roof, not only is water finding its way inside and causing damage, but energy costs are rising as heat and cool air escape. While it's important to contact a professional Fort Worth roofing contractor for more extensive problems, a few steps can be taken to identify leaks ahead of time.

It is imperative that problems be found ahead of time. A few drops of water can lead to mold and a number other serious issues if not caught in time. What may seem like only a small issue now can let in a lot of moisture. If the problem is not fixed immediately, it can threaten the integrity of the roof and potentially even lead to collapsing areas when water, snow or other precipitation builds up on the roof.

The first step to identifying a leak is to keep an eye out for the signs. The most obvious sign of a leak is water dripping from the ceiling; if it has already reached this point, a roofing professional should be called immediately. A small stained spot is usually the first sign of a leak, often found in the corners of rooms or along the upper part of the wall.

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Look for discoloration on the ceiling or walls. It will often appear as a brown area or a darker spot if the ceiling is a different color than white. You may also see warped areas in the walls.

Shingles are the next thing to keep an eye on. Because shingles are such a prevalent form of roofing, there is a lot their condition says about the overall condition of a roof. If shingles are missing because of a storm or because they've been blown free, then it is highly likely that there is a leak in that location. Cracked shingles can also be a sign that the roof should be inspected and likely replaced. As weather and sunlight wears them down over time, shingles can break and cause leaks.

Black stains on the roof do not necessarily indicate a problem, but are worth inspection. These are generally caused by algae growing on the roof and can indicate that water pools in those locations. While this may not lead to a leak immediately, it is recommended that drainage solutions be installed to prevent puddling.

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