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Discovering ice in an attic on the roofing nails can be quite the surprise, and it may be the first indication that the attic has a condensation problem. Situations like this are why homeowners should inspect their attics at least twice a year or hire a Fort Worth roofing professional to do it. Inspect the roof once during the hottest period of the year and then again during the coldest period.

The reason that ice sometimes forms on roofing nails in an attic is that air from the home that's warm and moist gets into the attic. The roofing nails are cold because they're exposed to the outdoors. The warm, moist air comes in contact with the cold nail, condensation occurs, and then that condensed water freezes on the nail. Taking care of the problem requires determining how the air from the home is getting into the attic. The easiest way to determine this is to hire a home energy specialist or similar professional who can go over the attic using a thermal imaging device.

There are three primary steps to correcting this issue once the problem areas are known. The first is to seal any openings that are allowing air to pass through. Pinholes and gaps are fillable with foam.

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A common problem area is the pull down attic staircase, which tends to let air through once the weather stripping has failed. Other common issues include light fixtures that aren't properly sealed and bathroom vents that aren't properly exhausting but instead blowing into the attic.

The second step is to reduce moisture levels found in the home. The problem here is the unwanted passage of air, but even so, iced condensation on the nails can be an indication of too much moisture in the home. If bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans weren't working properly, then fixing those may do the trick. Otherwise, the homeowner will have to take a closer look at the HVAC system and may have to consider dehumidifiers.

The third and final step is to ensure adequate attic ventilation. Some moisture will always find its way into an attic, so the goal is to ensure that any air that does find its way can easily leave. The fact that there was enough moist air to condense on the nails likely means that the attic ventilation isn't optimal. Hire a contractor to inspect the attic and roof ventilation and make recommendations on how to optimize it.

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