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For many, the attic is an extra space to store items that are not necessarily wanted around the house. What they may not realize is that the attic space plays an important role in keeping the roof cool and preventing damage. Not only does the ventilation system prevent moisture buildup, it can reduce cooling costs. If there is not enough ventilation, however, the excess heat that accumulates in the attic can potentially cause the roof to sustain damage and reduce its lifespan. If someone is worried that their ventilation system is not adequate, a Fort Worth roofing contractor can help.

When an expert roofer comes to inspect the attic space to determine if there is enough ventilation, he or she may look for common causes that result in poor ventilation. For example, in some cases, the insulation may be clogging up the spaces located between the rafters. This can prevent air from traveling from the soffits to the ridge vent. If there are gaps around the plumbing, heated air may be coming in through the holes. Occasionally, the roof will only have vents on one side and not on both. Proper installed ventilation, in combination with the attic's insulation, is the key to a long lasting roof.

Depending on the problem that the home has, the fixes may be simple.

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If airflow is restricted, adding an air chute may be a solution. However, this involves cutting holes directly through the roof, so this may be a last resort option. In other cases, additional vents can be added or the insulation that is blocking the airflow can be removed.

If the home does not have soffit vents, installing these types of vents is one of the easiest ways to improve the ventilation system. The best type of soffit vents are continuous strip vents as they provide even ventilation, though it can be very difficult to retrofit these on existing soffits. For existing vents, rectangular vents can be installed. When soffit vents are combined with ridge vents, which are installed along the ridge to release hot air, the ventilation system should be adequate to prevent moisture buildup and overheating.

An expert roofer can improve the home's ventilation system quickly and efficiently. As soon as the fixes are made and, if the attic is air sealed, the benefits should become immediately apparent. Not only can the homeowner begin saving on cooling costs, but the degradation of the roofing materials can also be slowed down, allowing the roof to last longer than it would otherwise.

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