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Roofs are known for their long term durability and their resistance to environmental elements, allowing them to protect a building for several decades. Unfortunately, roofs are prone to suffering from damage after a storm occurs due to strong winds and icy hail. For those who want to examine the roof for repairs that may need to be made, there are a few tips to working through the process with the guidance of a Fort Worth roofing professional.

When accessing the roof to look for storm damage, it's important to hire a Forth Worth roofing professional to prevent injuries from occurring. Homeowners who attempt to perform the inspection themselves can also cause further damage to the roof due to a lack of experience or poor equipment.

It's crucial to first inspect the attic for water damage that has occurred from leaks. This can be done by using a flashlight and looking for water spots near the roof boards. Homeowners can also inspect the ground for shingles or materials that may have become loose and fallen off of the building. Look on the driveway and on the lawn to determine the current condition of the roof. Broken tree branches or limbs may also be discovered. This will reveal if any of the materials need to be replaced.

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Hail that fell on the roof can also cause dimples to occur to the roofing materials, causing the structure to be susceptible to more damage if the materials are not replaced.

The rain gutters and roof vents should also be looked at due to hidden roof damage that may have occurred. Windows can also be examined to identify any areas where cracks developed due to excess pressure from a storm. If the gutters are filled with shingle granules or broken tile pieces, it's a sign that the roofing materials didn't hold up well with the harsh weather and that the roof may even need to be replaced if it's at least 10 years old.

It's important to hire a professional because homeowners are not always able to distinguish the difference between hail damage and normal wear on the roofing materials. It can be easy to mistake shingle rash blistering for damage that occurred due to harsh weather.

Another component of inspecting for hail damage includes looking for areas where the shingle strip may need to be resealed. This will prevent the tiles from becoming loose in the future months or if a storm returns during the season.

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