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There are many reasons why homeowners may wish to install skylights in their homes. Not only do they provide more light in a home that may not have enough windows, but they also provide a glimpse of the sky. When properly installed, they can improve a home's curb appeal and even raise the home's value. If they are not installed properly, however, they can cause major leaks that could lead to roof damage. For the best results, a Fort Worth roofing contractor should be brought in to install the skylight.

Before the skylight can be installed, it has to be decided what type of skylight is wanted. The three main types are fixed, ventilating and tubular skylights. Before a decision is made, the homeowner should double check with the local building codes to ensure the type of skylight that is wanted is allowed.

Properly framing the skylight is incredibly important. A square or rectangle that will frame the skylight is made by installing two horizontal supports between the rafters. The horizontal supports will span the length of the skylight and will be attached to the two rafters that will form the sides of the frame. The portions of the rafters that are within the frame will be removed. The portion of the deck within the frame will also be removed.

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The roofers will then install the skylight following the manufacturer's instructions. Usually, the glass portion of the skylight will be removed so that the skylight's frame can be installed into the roof framing. The skylight frame will actually sit on top of the hole that was cut into the roof. Before the skylight frame is attached, it will be carefully lined up so that there are no holes between the roof penetration and the skylight. The frame will then be screwed into place.

Once the frame is installed, a strip of underlayment or tar paper may be attached to the side of the skylight frame and the roof to cover the joints. The flashing will be installed as another layer of protection against moisture penetration. The shingles will then be installed around the area. The final step is to attach the glass piece.

Some homeowners like to attempt to install skylights on their own. This is not recommended because a hole has to be made in the roof. Expert roofers have insurance that can protect the homeowner in the event that a newly installed skylight leaks. If a skylight leaks after being installed by the homeowner, he or she may be facing costly roof repairs.

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