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When it comes to monthly bills, many homeowners are surprised at just how high their energy bill can get. This is especially true during the hot months when air conditioning is necessary to keep the home protected against intense outdoor heat. Homeowners can save themselves a good deal on their monthly bill by enacting a few energy saving methods around the home.

Many homeowners don't realize that their attic and roof can be very real trouble spots. Damaged roofing and inadequate insulation in the attic lets in a great deal of heat and will cost homeowners in wasted energy. Homeowners should consult with Fort Worth roofing experts to repair damaged parts of the roof, and any old insulation should be replaced with care taken to not leave any areas uncovered.

Windows and doors are notorious for letting outdoor air into the home, forcing the air conditioner to work overtime to keep the interior temperature cool. Homeowners may want to look into replacing especially old doors or windows, but when this isn't an option, homeowners can still do a few things to improve the performance of their older windows and doors. Weatherstripping for doors can block excess airflow underneath the door and can be found in a variety of materials and sizes at most home improvement stores, and some weatherstripping is available for drafty windows.

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Homeowners may also wish to re caulk any portions of the window caulking that are cracked or missing; shrink film applied to windowpanes adds an extra barrier of protection against heat entering the home. Simply keeping curtains closed over windows during the day can block excess sunlight from entering and warming the home. The darker and thicker the curtain, the better the protection.

Homeowners should also control their energy bill through the smart use of their air conditioner. If nobody is home during the day, keeping the temperature set at a higher level prevents the air conditioner working all day to keep an empty home cool. During cooler nights, the air conditioning does not usually need to be running continuously, and homeowners can use small fans to keep the bedrooms cool. Some homeowners may wish to invest in more advanced home climate systems that are designed with efficiency and the smart use of energy in mind. Many of these systems are fairly simple to program, so homeowners don't have to worry about constantly changing the thermostat settings during the day.

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