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There are several different types of materials used for roofing. Each material is not suitable for every roof. Some may be too heavy for the structure and others may need more of a slope to be installed. Some may not be durable enough for the needs of the home or may be restricted in the geographic area. A Fort Worth roofing professional will be able to tell which materials are available to be used.

Wooden roofs have been around for centuries and are still used on houses today. They are more costly than asphalt but last the same amount of time, usually around 25 years. They will up the curb appeal of the home, but may not raise the resale value much above what the more popular shingle roofing material would.

Metal roofs come in several different metals, including aluminum, steel, copper and lead. While very durable, they are an expensive choice for a roofing surface. Metal roofs are considered a sustainable building material, for those in Forth Worth who are eco friendly. They require a professional metal roofing expert to install and can be installed over the old roof, saving time and labor on the installation.

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The most popular type of roofing material is the asphalt shingle, also known as the composite shingle. This material tends to be used often because they are budget friendly and easy to install. They usually come with warranties that are 20 to 30 years long.

Tile and cement roofs are heavy and seen mostly in a Spanish style or artistic homes or buildings. They are as costly as they are beautiful and durable. They are also higher in price because of how they are made and how long it takes to install them.

A slate roof has to have a strong structure to hold it. Slate is very durable, outlasting even the hinges used to keep them on the roof structure. Rolled roofing material is used under this type of roof. When purchasing slate roof, take the time to ask where the slate is coming from and its differing characteristics and longevities. As slate comes from different areas in our country and abroad have different qualities.

A rolled roofing is a type of material that is used on warehouses and other commercial structures that have no slope as it holds back moisture. It is also used in out buildings like sheds. It is fast to install and inexpensive. Some rolled roofing materials are used as a supplement to another type of roof, like slate or wood.

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