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The south is home to thousands of homes that feature metal roofs rather than roofs comprised of asphalt shingles or clay tiles. The material became popular in the south because it did such a good job of insulating homes and protecting interior spaces from animals. Though some homeowners today worry about the high cost of installing a metal roof, most find that those roofs can actually save them money in the coming years. As metal is such a great insulator, it can trap warm or cold air inside the house to cut down on energy bills. Fort Worth roofing companies hope homeowners look at all the potential benefits before deciding to replace their existing roofs with metal components.

Long before they hire contractors to replace their roofs, homeowners will want to decide which type of metal they want to use. Vertical roofing panels are among the more popular options. One single panel can cover a large portion of the roof, which cuts down on the installation costs. The downside is that when one of these panels develops any form of damage, roofers may need to remove and replace the entire piece. Other options include smaller pieces like shingles, tiles and shake.

Metal shake shingles feature sawtooth edges and other decorations that make the pieces look more like cedar shake and other types of wood shake shingles.

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Some prefer the way metal tiles look, especially the tiles coated with colored sealants. Homeowners may also opt for metal shingles, which have a nice look and come in a number of different design and color options.

Though manufacturers typically seal metal pieces to protect against moisture damage and other problems, some companies do make unsealed metal roofing components. These are generally best for those who live in mild climates and areas that experience less rain and a lower humidity level. Any type of moisture can rust the metal. While this will give the metal a nice patina, it can also weaken the metal and reduce its lifespan.

In addition to helping homeowners save on their heating and cooling bills, homeowners who opt for metal roofs will find that they save on maintenance costs too. These roofs require much less in the way of maintenance than traditional shingle roofs do, and most find that they spend less on repairs too. Vertical panel roofs and roofs made from other types of metal do a great job of standing up to rain and other weather conditions in Texas than other roofs do.

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