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The most important step associated with protecting a roof and keeping a home safe is a regular roofing inspection. Far too many homeowners assume that their roofs are in good condition because they don't see any leaks. Others only wait until the last minute when the roof begins leaking or they see gushing water coming from the ceiling before calling for help. While those homeowners will receive an inspection, they will likely also receive a high estimate for the work the home needs. Getting an inspection from a Fort Worth roofing professional at least once a year reduces a homeowner's' risks of facing costly repairs.

Many homeowners think that they only need an inspection because they spotted signs of a problem. This might include shingles that fell off and landed in their yard, a bowed ceiling in the bedroom or a crack in the bathroom ceiling. Others only call after a storm and because they worry the storm did some significant damage to the home and roof. An inspection is actually something that professionals can do as a preventative measure.

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They can inform homeowners of the condition of their roofs and help them understand that they can take care of minor problems now for a more affordable price.

A roofing inspection focuses primarily on the roof and any areas surrounding the roof, including the gutter system. Few realize that loose gutters and clogs in the gutters can affect the roof, walls and even foundation. Those clogs prevent water from flowing through to the downspouts and may leave standing water behind that damages the foundation. Any water that spills over the top of the gutters can cause water damage to the walls as well. As more water spills over the wall, it may lead to mold or cracks that break through the wall.

There are several key areas that roofers look at when inspecting a roof, including the shingles, deck and underlayment. If there are any missing shingles, they can look through those gaps to examine the underlayment. They may also remove several shingles and later replace those shingles to get a better look at the underlayment. Even minor damage can leave the roof and ceiling of the home susceptible to water damage.

Most inspections end with a full list of issues that roofers found with the home. The roofers should also include an estimate that shows how much it will cost to fix each problem in terms of both materials and labor.

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