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Choosing from the abundant number of Fort Worth roofing contractors can be tricky. Making a wrong choice can result in a poor replacement job and costly roof repairs down the road. In order to avoid scams, it's essential that homeowners do their homework on a roofing company before signing any contracts. When researching local roofers, only contact those who have a physical address. Searching for the full company name on the Better Business Bureau website can help to certify the contractor's authenticity. Once contact has begun, make sure the following questions are asked.

First and foremost, ask the roofing contractor whether he or she is properly licensed to practice in the county or state of residence. Having a roofing contractor license signifies that the roofer possesses the training and qualifications needed for quality work. Remember that a business license isn't the same and does not indicate the company's roofing expertise. It's advised that homeowners verify that the contractor's license is valid with the local agency. Take the opportunity to inquire about any notable violations in the roofer's past too.

Homeowners must ask prospective roofing professionals about their insurance coverage.

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All reliable contractors should be equipped with both worker's compensation and liability insurance for peace of mind. If the contractor isn't insured, homeowners can find themselves on the hook paying for medical bills or damages in an accident. Don't simply trust the roofer's word on this crucial matter. Ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate or call the carrier to confirm that the coverage includes roofing.

During the initial interview, it's recommended that homeowners ask the contractor about their roofing warranties. Inquire about how long the roof repair or replacement will be guaranteed in case unforeseen issues come up. Shingles placed on the new roof should generally be warranted for a minimum of 25 years by the manufacturer. Most labor warranties will last at least 12 months, but choosing a contractor with a longer warranty is beneficial. Don't be shy in asking the exact terms of both warranties and their lengths.

Other important questions that should be asked include whether subcontractors are used, how the property will be protected and how long the project will take. Make certain that the answers are appropriate and display the roofer's capability in getting the job done right. It's always wise to also ask for a written estimate and request references to guarantee a good pick.

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