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Egging a home is often a pasttime for bored teenagers. While egging a home may seem relatively harmless, the egg proteins can actually cause serious damage to a home's roof and exterior walls. Often, a power washer on a high setting can get rid of the egg residue; however, if the home has an asphalt roof, the power washer can destroy the mineral granules that protect the asphalt shingle from severe weather. In these cases, it is best to contact a local Fort Worth roofing contractor.

Even though a roofer may have products and alternative methods to remove egg stains from a roof, some homeowners wish to attempt to remove the egg stains themselves. It should be noted that going up onto the roof is not only dangerous for inexperienced individuals; the roof can also be damaged. Anyone who goes onto the roof should be extremely careful to avoid punching holes through the shingles.

There are several items that will be needed for the job: white vinegar, a garden hose, a ladder, towels, warm water and a garbage bag. A power washer should not be used for this project. Bleach should also be avoided.

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Having a friend around to help stabilize the ladder and be around to help in case of a fall is highly recommended.

Once the person is up on the roof, any remaining eggshells should be carefully picked up and put in the garbage bag. The homeowner should have the helper turn the hose on slowly. Using the hose, the egg remains should be washed off the roof, ensuring that all of the egg whites are removed. Egg whites will leave a stain on the asphalt shingles.

The towels should then be soaked in a solution made from warm water and vinegar. Once the towels have been fully soaked, they can be laid down over the remaining egg stains. They should sit there for about 10 to 15 minutes before being removed. The solution should then be washed off the roof using the hose.

This method may not work if the eggs have been allowed to sit for any length of time. Laundry detergent that contains enzymes may also work, but there is the potential that the asphalt shingles can be damaged.

Although hiring a contractor will cost some money, using the services of a professional roofer will ensure that all of the egg stains will be removed without causing any damage to the shingles, which could ultimately reduce the roof's lifespan.

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