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When a roof is leaking, it is a clear sign that the roof has experienced major damage. There are many reasons why a roof may leak. In some cases, the roof may be so damaged that it needs to be replaced. In other cases, the roof may require some simple repairs that could extend its lifespan. If a leak is discovered, a professional Fort Worth roofing contractor should be called so a roof inspection can be completed.

There are some cases where fixing the roof can extend the lifespan for some time. For example, if a portion of the shingles were lost due to wind uplift, it can be relatively inexpensive to reshingle that portion of the roof without having to replace the whole thing. Additionally, rotted soffits and fascia boards can be replaced and leaks that have not caused much damage can be patched. Minor repairs that extend the life of the roof can be relatively inexpensive as long as the homeowner is diligent with maintenance.

It may be recommended to replace the roof if the damage is extensive or if it costs about the same to repair the roof or replace it.

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The decision that must be made is whether to install a roof overlay or tear off the old roof altogether. While a roof overlay can save some money, it only delays the cost. Tearing off two roofs in the future can be more expensive and time consuming. Additionally, the damaged roof underneath the new roof can cause the new materials to deteriorate at a much faster rate than normal.

If roof repairs are needed, they should be completed as fast as possible to avoid more damage. The problem is that leaks often begin long before they are found. If homeowners are finding that their ceilings are wet and that there are water stains around fixtures, the leak has probably been occurring for quite some time. It can be quite difficult to get a contractor to come out during heavy rainstorms, as this is when leaks often become apparent. However, it is recommended that homeowners protect items that cannot be moved by covering them and waiting for a professional contractor to become available.

Ultimately, the roof is a major investment for any homeowner. As it protects the home, it will begin to show signs of wear and tear. If the roof is relatively new, fixes that can extend the lifespan may be possible and may be recommended.

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