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For homeowners that are considering a renovation project for their home to add value and curb appeal, remodeling the home's siding may be exactly what they're looking for. New siding is an excellent way to improve the home's overall appearance and increase energy efficiency. In addition, siding installation is an easy project for Fort Worth roofing companies that have specialists in this area of home renovation.

Many types of older siding have a projected lifespan of around 20 years or longer. This does not mean homeowners must live with outdated or unattractive siding that fails to live up to their vision for their home or has failed to keep up with the architectural and style trends of the neighborhood. With the new materials developed in recent years, this is a project well worth investigating to beautify the home.

Popular siding options these days include vinyl, fiber cement and stone veneer siding, all of which have various and disadvantages to consider. Homeowners can consult with roofing professionals to be sure that they are making an informed decision.

Vinyl siding is constantly evolving, thanks to the demand for better products and competition among its many manufacturers.

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On average, vinyl siding is expected to last 60 years. It is also available in almost every color imaginable, and some estimates put the exact number at just over 300 hues. The material is budget friendly and not very labor intensive to install.

Fiber cement siding is popular as a low maintenance choice that is also known to be termite resistant. In terms of durability, its lifespan varies, but most options are projected to last about 50 years from its installation, although the warranty may be less. This siding has additional texture options, and a wooden texture is commonly the most popular choice. Typically, fiber cement siding costs less than real wood, but it requires additional skill and labor to install. Homeowners should check that their roofing company has had experience installing this type of siding before retaining their services.

The use of stone or brick veneer siding is currently on the rise. This siding is lighter than real stone or brick, and it has an authentic appearance and requires less labor for the installation process. Additionally, this option is much cheaper than natural stone. Fabricated brick or stone is expected to last more than 100 years, or, potentially, the lifetime of the home, with an appropriate level of simple maintenance.

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