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The roof is made from many components that all work together to keep moisture out. One of the many overlooked components are soffits. Like other roof components, they can become damaged to the point where they no longer perform their function and must be replaced.

The soffits comprise the underside of certain architectural structures, including roof overhangs. In addition to serving an aesthetic function, they prevent water and moisture from entering the roof and causing damage. When the soffits have vents, they also allow fresh air into the attic to ventilate the space. While some soffits are made from aluminum or vinyl, others are often made from wood.

Like any other wooden roof components, the soffits can degrade over time. If repairs are not made, water and moisture can cause damage to the attic. Damages to the soffits can be caused by wear over time, insect infestation and wood rot. It is always best to have a Fort Worth roofing professional make the repairs in order to prevent further damage.

Removing the soffits without damaging the shingle mould can be a bit difficult; however, the moulding must be pulled off. If it is not damaged, it can always be reinstalled once the soffit is replaced. In many cases, the fascia boards will also be removed because it is likely that they have sustained damage as well.

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Even if they aren't damaged, the boards will still need to be removed to access the soffits.

The soffits should slide out of the mould holding once the nails are removed. Once the soffits are out, the expert may inspect the rafter ends to ensure that they have not sustained water damage. If there are signs of dry rot or other damage, the roofer will discuss the repairs with the homeowner.

After any other repairs have been completed, the soffits, fascia boards and shingle moulding must be replaced. The old soffit may be potentially used as a guide for cutting the new one from a piece of thin hardwood. The roofer will then paint the wood with a preservative paint coating. Then, the new soffit can be slid into place, the fascia can be reattached and moulding can installed.

Although wood soffits are relatively easy to maintain and can be replaced quickly by professional roofers, there are other options available. Soffits made from other materials can last longer and may require less maintenance. Homeowners who are interested in other options should contact their local roofing experts.

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