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If a home is deemed to have played a significant role in history or stands as an example of what homes looked like during a certain era, it could be a designated landmark. For landmarks, great care must be taken to ensure that the building retains its historic look and feel. Even if a home does not have this distinction but is still a unique piece of area history, there may be alternative building codes that the owner is required to follow. When a roof on a historic home needs to be repaired or restored, a Fort Worth roofing contractor can assist with understanding the building codes and can help make the best decisions for the home.

The type of roof on a home can determine whether the roof will need to be replaced or if it can be restored. For example, historic homes are not likely to have asphalt roofs because this type of roof does not last. If a historic home has an asphalt roof, it is most likely not the original roof. A new roof will be needed, but research should be done to determine what type of roof the building originally would have had. If those particular materials are not available, alternative materials may be used to restore the home's original appearance.

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If a historic home still has its original roof, the condition of the roof will factor into whether or not it can be restored. Metal roofs, slate roofs and even clay tile roofs can last more than 100 years if they are properly cared for. In some cases, the outer roofing materials can be removed so that support structures can be replaced. The panels and tiles can then be installed onto the new support system. Tiles that are broken can be replaced as needed while leaving the remaining parts of the roof intact. There are products available to help preserve the materials, and an expert roofer should have knowledge of what may work best for a particular roof.

There are some homes more than 100 years that still have their original roofs. While keeping an original roof may be desired in all cases, it is important to note that if a home needs a new roof, a new roof should be installed. Leaving an original roof that is in poor condition on a historic home can quickly lead to disaster and damage to the home's original interior.

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