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Efforts to prolong a roofing system's lifespan are not only environmentally friendly, but they can also save a homeowner considerable amounts of money. Making a rooftop reach to or even past its expected lifespan requires regular maintenance performed by an experienced Fort Worth roofing professional. Homeowners can also take some action to help make their roofs last as long as possible.

Nearby trees can be a problem for a home's shingles or tiles. While tall trees provide refreshing breezes and cool shade for residents, they also have long branches that scrape the granules off a shingle's surface. When leaves or needles fall off the branches during the autumn months of the year, the debris can clog gutters and produce acids that eat through the metal in the gutters and the surface coatings of the shingles. Homeowners can have an arborist or tree care service prune the branches back to be at least 10 feet away from the home's rooftop. Pruned trees also make it easier for roofers to gain access to the home when needed.

Gutter cleaning is another way to extend the roofing system's life expectancy. Debris filled gutters may clog, sending water back up the roof to the point of least resistance.

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The water may cause the roof's sheathing to become saturated, eventually leaking into the home. Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice each year, once in the spring and again during the autumn. Professionally installed gutter covers can help keep some of the debris out, but occasional cleanings will still be needed.

The roof's fastener heads can also be a problem spot. Made from metal, the roofing nails or screws can develop rust and corrosion. As the metal wears away, it leaves space for water to drip through and soak the sheathing. Even a small leak can allow quite a bit of water into the attic and eventually into the ceilings and walls. A roofer can conduct a thorough inspection to make sure that loose or rusted fasteners are not a sign of a more insidious problem that requires repairs.

Sufficient ventilation is also needed in order to enjoy a long lasting roof. Attics and rooftops may have a variety of venting systems. These can include passive vents like gable and ridge cap vents. Mechanical vents, such as whole house fans and attic fans, require some energy input but are able to move greater amounts of air. In some cases, whole house fans ventilate an attic and roof so well that homeowners can turn off their central air conditioners.

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