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While it is always recommended that a professional Fort Worth roofing contractor fully inspect a roof at least once every few years, homeowners should have some idea of how to do their own basic inspections. By doing a routine basic inspection, they can spot problems that could become quite costly well before the next scheduled professional inspection. Not only can this save money on repairs, but the living space is less likely to sustain damage.

In general, it is recommended that the roof should be inspected at least twice a year. These inspections should take place at the end of winter and the end of fall. However, it is advantageous to inspect the roof after any major storms as this is when the roof is most likely to sustain damage. It is not recommended for homeowners themselves to climb up onto the roof; not only can injuries occur if there is a fall, but the roof can be damaged as well.

A visual inspection should begin outside the home from the ground. Homeowners should look for areas on the roof where shingles may be missing or damaged. If the shingles have cracks, pock marks or are curling, the roof has sustained damage. It's important to check to see if the roof is bowing or becoming wavy.

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The homeowner should walk the perimeter of the home looking for any mineral granules that have fallen. If the home has a gutter system, this should also be checked for granules. If any of these things are found, an expert roofer needs to be called in for a professional inspection.

After the exterior inspection has been completed, a trip to the attic is needed. Homeowners should look for wet or damp spots, water stains, dry rot and mold or mildew growth. Mold or mildew growth is likely to happen in dark, wet spots; this can affect the roof supports and even make the home's occupants ill. Homeowners should also be on the lookout for evidence of rodents or raccoons in the form of bitten wires, wood damage and feces.

Inside the home itself, a quick look at the light fixtures, any skylights and the chimney is in order. Again, the homeowner should be looking for evidence of moisture.

If any damage to the roof or the attic is found, it is imperative that a professional roofer is called. If the damage is not repaired quickly, the roof could eventually degrade to the point where an entirely new roof is needed.

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