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Homeownership comes with many privileges, rights, and joys. However, it also comes with responsibilities and expenses. No matter what type of roof a home has, regular maintenance and inspections will extend its life. By taking the time to properly maintain a roof, a homeowner will decrease their expenses and possibly increase the value of their home as well.

Fort Worth roofing experts recommend a thorough roof inspection after any major storm involving hail, ice or severe wind. They also recommend having regular inspections twice a year, usually in the spring and in the fall. The weather is milder during these seasons, making a roof inspection easier.

Homeowner can perform roof inspections themselves or they can hire a roofing company to perform the task. If a homeowner chooses to do it, safety should be the top priority. The homeowner should make sure someone else is not only around, but also aware that they will be up on the roof. This could be someone else in the home or even a neighbor that is close by. In the event that there is an emergency or the homeowner needs assistance, someone will already be aware that the homeowner is on the roof.

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The homeowner should also wear shoes with excellent traction to avoid any slippage while on the roof.

A safety harness is also recommended to prevent any potentially dangerous, or even fatal, falls from the roof.

The homeowner should avoid performing a roof inspection during times of bad weather, including any lightning or even potential for lightning in the area. The homeowner should also be sure the roof is dry, as wet shingles can be very slippery and pose a risk of slipping or a fall. Ladders should be used with caution. If possible, small holes should be dug in the ground where a ladder will be placed to help with additional stabilization.

If a homeowner does not feel safe, or qualified to perform their own roofing inspections, they should call a reputable and qualified roofing company to do so for them. Roofing companies will have the experience, tools and knowledge to properly perform roof inspections and maintenance. Many also document their inspections with a video, allowing the homeowner to get a firsthand look at any problems that might be happening on their roof or in the decking. This helps build rapport and trust between the roofer and the homeowner.

Although roofing inspections are not the most pleasurable part of being a homeowner, they are a necessary part in order to protect the home and the home's value.

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