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Fort Worth roofing contractors inspect homes with more than just cracked or broken shingles in mind. These professionals must also examine surfaces for any moss, algae or lichen growth. From the homeowner's perspective, microorganism growth appears green or black from a cursory ground inspection. At closer range, these growths can take over several square feet of rooftop, making their removal a top priority for contractors.

Roofers advise homeowners about immediate moss removal because of its destructive nature. As microorganisms proliferate, they penetrate shingle surfaces. Professionals must replace shingles when moss is too deeply ingrained into the materials. Microorganisms actually compromise roof material construction, allowing possible leaks into the structure. Ideally, homeowners should hire contractors several times a year to inspect and remove any growths gaining a foothold on the structure. Early detection reduces repair costs over the roof's lifespan.

Homeowners should discuss clever maintenance strategies with contractors to reduce microorganism growths across the rooftop. Begin with simple landscape changes, such as reducing shady conditions over rooftop surfaces. Prune tree branches away from rooftops to increase sunlight across the surface, for example. Shade is a microorganism requirement for active reproduction, so permanently removing these shadows only increases rooftop resilience against new growths. Some homes, however, have natural shady areas that cannot be brightened with just landscaping efforts.

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Microorganisms must also have moist conditions coupled with shady spaces to grow. Natural debris, including leaves and twigs, can pile up along rooftop surfaces. Valleys are especially vulnerable to debris accumulation where moisture remains hidden under decaying materials. Contractors must remove this debris and inspect shingles beneath it. In severe cases, roofers may need to replace weakened shingles across the entire valley length to protect the home from leaks.

Frequent contractor visits keep rooftop debris at bay, but microorganisms often find other areas to grow. To protect the entire rooftop, contractors can add sealants to shingle surfaces. Sealants are sprayed, brushed or rolled onto rooftop surfaces. They form a translucent barrier to moss growth, allowing the rooftop to remain clear of any destructive microorganisms. Contractors simply clean the roof and apply the sealant using trained techniques for even coverage. Depending on the region, roofers normally reapply the sealant each year to continually protect the structure from growths.

Interview several contractors about their microorganism experience because removal processes require specialized training. For example, contractors may need to eradicate moss from a sensitive woven valley. Proper tools and skill sets make microorganism removal simple to complete with the right contractor choice.

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