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A covered patio makes for an enjoyable outdoor living space, unless the patio's roof develops a leak. While patio roofs are not always insulated like the rooftop over the rest of the house, they are generally made from the same surfaces and materials. Experienced Fort Worth roofing contractors can perform an inspection to find out why the patio's rooftop is leaky and make repairs to stop water from dripping.

The repair techniques used by roofers to stop a patio roof from leaking depend upon the materials from which the roof is constructed. For vinyl roofs with cracks, the roofers will cut two pieces of matching vinyl from scrap material. Vinyl glue is then applied in order to secure the patches to both sides of the leaking area. Firm pressure is applied to the patched spot to squeeze out any air bubbles and create a strong bond.

Fiberglass patio roofs are prone to cracking after many years of exposure to ultraviolet light. These cracks can also be patched, but the roofers will need to do some prep work first. The damaged area will be cleaned with acetone and then rubbed with a fine grit of sand paper.

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A fiberglass mat is spread over the crack and saturated with resin and paste. Once dried, the edges are sanded down and coated with urethane to create a waterproof seal.

A leaking wooden patio roof usually has a loose or missing shingle or a rusted fastener. Damaged shingles can be replaced with new cedar or redwood shakes and failed nails or screws can be replaced with new galvanized steel pieces. Another common problem spot in wooden patio roofs is the gap between two panels. This spot can be caulked with urethane caulk. Once the caulk has cured, the entire wooden surface can be sealed with an exterior wood sealant or painted with a protective, UV resistant paint for outdoor use.

For patio roofs that are made out of corrugated tin, galvanized steel or copper, the most common location of leaks is the joint between panels or sheets. The bolts or screws holding the two pieces of metal together may rust, allowing water to penetrate the area and drip down through the fastener holes. Roofers usually apply a polyurethane sealant on the top of the fasteners and along the seams of the pieces of metal. The entire metal roofing surface can be sealed with a clear urethane coat or with exterior paint made for use on metals.

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