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Cathedral style roofs allow for plenty of interior space, although the added ceiling height comes at the expense of the ability to add insulation and ventilation to the attic. These styles of roofs are common in great rooms and master bedroom suites, as well as in A frame and log cabin houses. By working with an experienced Fort Worth roofing expert, homeowners can ensure that their cathedral styled living spaces have sufficient airflow.

Cathedral ceilings that are not ventilated may develop problems such as excessive heat buildup and condensation on the inside and premature failure of the entire roofing system. Several different venting systems can be installed by experienced roofers to avoid these issues while still providing the homeowner with the desired elegant living areas.

Once the roof is sheathed with plywood, roofers can install a rigid foam insulation. These core boards can be installed on the interior side of the roof before the drywall is put up or it can be installed on the exterior side and then topped with roofing felt, an ice dam barrier and a radiant barrier. These layers work together to insulate the rooftop. Well insulated homes are easier to ventilate compared to those that are poorly insulated.

Next, roofers will install soffit and eave vents.

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This allows for an intake of outdoor air. No insulation will be installed around the places where the vents are placed. The vents can be covered with mesh wire screening to keep out birds and insects who might like to gain access to the roofing system to build nests.

Once the intake ventilation system is in place, the next step is to create an outlet for heat buildup. A box vent can be installed onto the roof's exterior surface. Box vents extend a few inches up from the shingles or tiles. One square foot of outgoing ventilation is needed per every 150 square feet of roofing surface. Box vents are bolted to the roof and protected around their perimeters with aluminum or stainless steel flashing to help protect against water leaks.

Property owners interested in environmentally friendly ventilation systems might consider having their roofer install a solar powered attic vent. These systems operate during the day from sunrise until sunset. They are triggered to turn on when the attic's temperature reaches a set point programmed on the home's thermostat. These fans can also be installed such that a skylight of sorts opens into the home, providing natural light with the ultraviolet radiation already filtered out.

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