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Even the best type of underlayment won't protect a roof against water for more than a decade or so. Manufacturers give those products an almost temporary design. When the underlayment wears down, roofers will need to remove all the shingles or tiles from the roof, scrape off the old underlayment, lay new underlayment and then replace the shingles. As the job is so expensive, more and more homeowners find themselves looking at other waterproofing methods when replacing their shingles. Liquid waterproofing materials can work independently or with the underlayment to protect the roof, and Fort Worth roofing contractors know exactly how to install this material.

Installing a liquid waterproofing product to a roof is easy because these products can go right on the roof without the contractors removing other items first. Many assume that roofers must take off the old shingles and underlayment first, but the liquid product can go right on top of those materials. They will use chemicals to clean the roof first and remove any debris that might interfere with the product. Roofers will wait until the roof dries before applying the liquid. Any water left on the roof may form bubbles or blisters underneath the waterproofing liquid.

The liquid product comes ready for use in large buckets that contractors carry up to the roof.

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They use rollers like those used for painting to apply a thin coat of the liquid to the surface of the roof. Once the first coat dries, they apply a second coat. Depending on the type of roof, it may take several coats to thoroughly cover the roof. Liquid waterproofing products dry to a hard consistency that looks similar to rubber. Homeowners can then leave the roof as is or opt for the installation of a new underlayment and shingles placed on top of the material.

One of the more common reasons why homeowners opt for this service is because it prevents the risk of damage later. If the roof is in such poor condition that replacement is the best option, covering the roof with a waterproofing product protects it and gives the homeowners years to use their roof without replacing it. Some waterproofing materials also have a high fire rating that works with other materials on the roof to keep fires inside the home from spreading or moving. Other benefits of waterproofing a roof include extending the life of the roof, increasing the safety of the roof and improving the overall performance of that space.

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