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When the load bearing weight of a roof is exceeded, it may cause the roof to collapse. Although roofing materials are typically lightweight, roofs also have to bear the weight of anything else placed there, such as solar panels and satellite dishes, as well as any water that collects on the roof. Aside from placing too many heavy items on a roof, two of the most common causes of Fort Worth roofing collapses include standing water and installing a new roof with materials that are too heavy for a home to support.

Standing water may not seem like a big deal, but when water starts to pool on a roof and fails to drain the way it is supposed to, the problem will generally get worse. A square foot of water that is 1 inch deep weighs 5 pounds. Just a few square feet of inch deep water can weigh over a hundred pounds, which can lead to a sagging roof.

Once a roof sags in a particular spot, water will start collecting there, and more water will add more weight, making the depression larger. This creates a cycle that continuously adds more and more weight to a roof. Thousands of pounds of water weight can be added to a roof from standing water and potentially lead to a collapse.

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Installing roof crickets and ensuring that gutters do not overflow can help prevent standing water from becoming an issue.

Most professionals do not recommend the installation of roofing materials that are heavier than those that were originally installed on the home. A home that was built with asphalt shingles is not likely to be able to support slate or concrete tiles. If they are installed, the home may be able to support the weight initially, but any additional weight from standing water or a new HVAC system may be more than the house can bear.

Signs that a roof may be struggling under excessive weight include creaking sounds from the roof or attic. Although this may sound like the house is settling, it may be the roof deck giving way. Doors and windows that do not line up properly or do not open and shut easily are also common signs that a roof is not able to hold the weight it is carrying. When excessive weight is bearing down on a roof, the pressure may compress doorways and windows and lead to these issues.

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