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Although it's obvious that one of the main jobs of a roof is to keep water from getting into a home, it's not always apparent how much is involved in this task. Roofs use a variety of methods, including waterproof materials, gutters and an inclined construction to keep water from working its way past a roof and into a home. If any of these systems don't work properly, leaks are likely to develop.

When a roof experiences leaks, a variety of things can happen, and all of them are detrimental to a home. Because it is assumed that a roof will keep water out, many structural components of a home are made of wood. Wood can warp if it is exposed to too much moisture, reducing its strength. Water in a home can also lead to the development of mold, which can spread quickly through a home and is difficult to eliminate.

If leaks form in Fort Worth roofing, it can also reduce the efficacy of insulation. When insulation is moist, it can lower the material's R value, which is the amount of resistance to heat transfer that it has.

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This can lead to higher power bills and problems keeping a home at a comfortable temperature.

The first line of defense of a roof is gravity. Even flat roofs have a few degrees of incline to help keep water moving off them. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material, and they are water resistant. Waterproofing is normally put around areas where shingles do not offer complete coverage, such as where two areas of a roof meet. An underlayment may be put on top of the roof deck and under shingles to add an extra layer of water protection.

Gutters are another important part of keeping water from damaging a home although they are usually less about keeping water from soaking into a roof and more for keeping side walls and a foundation safe. If water was able to flow freely off a roof, water could splash against outside walls and pool around a home's foundation.

Thanks to gutters, water is kept from coming into extensive contact with a home's walls, and a downspout ensures that water cannot collect at the base of a home. If water were able to pool around a home, it could cause water damage to the foundation and erode the soil around a house, both of which can be very costly to repair.

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