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Fort Worth roofing professionals know that roofing safety starts with the proper use of ladders, and working safely once on the roof is also key. Special equipment is sometimes also necessary to work on a roof.

Ladders that are strong but light enough to move around must be used. Wooden and aluminum ladders are both fine to use, and any ladder should be inspected for defects and cracks before use. A 20 foot ladder is usually long enough to work on most houses.

Ladders should always be placed on level ground or else they could fall over. If the ground is not level, a piece of plywood can be laid flat to create a stable surface. Additionally, ladders being used on a slick, smooth surface must have rubber safety feet.

It is important for a roofer to set the ladder against the house at the proper angle, or, again, the ladder could fall over. Safe roofers will hold their arms out straight in front of them and use the angle created between their feet and hands as the angle to set the ladder.

Safe roofers climb a ladder by stepping only on the center of each rung.

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Both hands must be used to grip the rails, not the rungs, of the ladder, and three points of contact with the ladder are maintained at all times. If the ladder wobbles, a safe roofer will go back down and reposition it before climbing again. Another safety rule is that there should never be more than one person on the ladder at a time.

A roof should only be worked on in dry, temperate weather since wind can knock a roofer over, and rain can create a surface too slippery to stand on. It is a bad idea to work in extreme cold as being on a roof can create a safety hazard.

Safe roofers wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes with rubber soles. They will also make sure that pets and children are not wandering around the work area. Roofing materials and debris should never be tossed randomly to the ground without looking below first. Safe roofers avoid power lines and are always conscious that old roofing can be unstable.

Roofing brackets create horizontal "shelves" for roofers to stand on while they work, and they also create a flat surface for roofing tools and materials. The best way to attach roofing brackets to the framing itself is by using 16 penny length nails.

If necessary, a metal ladder bracket can be hooked over the ridge of a roof being worked on. This allows roofers to move up and down the roof on the safety of a metal ladder.

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