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A roofer's job is filled with many hazards such as the potential for falls, burns and heat related illnesses. By taking several precautions before and during the job, experienced roofers are less likely to suffer an injury or illness. For these reasons, homeowners can leave roofing repairs to Fort Worth roofing professionals.

To begin with, roofers should never work alone. They need help bringing bundles of shingles, large rolls of roofing materials, wood and other heavy supplies to the roof. Furthermore, because techniques such as torch down installations can be particularly dangerous, assistance will ensure roofers stay safe. Coworkers can prove invaluable in the event a roofer has an accident and becomes hurt as well.

Moreover, roofers should practice safety measures prior to all roofing assignments. First, roofers should make sure all safety equipment like hard hats, protective goggles and security harnesses are in good condition. Secondly, they should put caution tape or orange safety cones around the area to warn pedestrians of their presence. Thirdly, a roofer should thoroughly examine the roof's surface before the work begins. If the roof is wet, the crew should wait until it dries because it is likely very slippery. Debris such as leaves and stubble can also create slick conditions and should be first cleared from the roof. Likewise, roofers should not work during inclement weather because of the dangers that can ensue.

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For instance, one strong gust of wind can quickly send an unsuspecting roofer to the ground.

Roofers should also be properly dressed for the job. To protect their hands from shingle and wood shards, tight fitting leather gloves will work. However, roofers working with hot tar will be better off wearing heat resistant gloves. All roofers should wear nonskid boots or shoes with soft rubber soles.

To avoid injuries, roofers should practice good safety habits while using their tools. Ladders should only be set on solid, level surfaces. Likewise, to ensure that ladders used on decks and porches won't slip, roofers should temporarily attach boards to the area to keep the ladders in place. Another way to keep ladders from slipping is to attach stabilizers to ladder tops. A ladder stabilizer works by equally distributing weight across a wider area, making the ladder more secure.

Other hazards such as stray nails, old shingles or extension cords could easily cause severe injuries and should be continually cleared from the roof. Similarly, if the repairs have to be done in hot weather, there's always the danger for heat related illnesses including heat exhaustion, a heat rash or heat stroke. Homeowners wishing to avoid such scenarios could call an experienced roofer.

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