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Thunderstorms and hailstorms can secretly cause damage to a roof without leaving behind obvious evidence like a hole in the roof or a tree collapsed on top of it. The signs of roof damage from less severe storms can easily go unnoticed by homeowners until it transforms into a more serious and noticeable problem. In fact, homeowners sometimes miss damage from larger storms like tornadoes when it's not as apparent as debris denting the roof.

Fort Worth, Texas is susceptible to supercell thunderstorms. Having extra knowledge about the signs of roofing damage is essential for homeowners. A Fort Worth roofing contractor should be contacted at any sign of roof damage for a more accurate assessment of what the problem is and the most efficient way of solving it.

One sign of roof damage is water spots and leaks in the ceiling. Homeowners should check the attic for water stains and leaks as well because they can be spotted there before becoming a problem inside the home.

However, it can take up to a year for the roof to start leaking after sustaining damage from a storm. Therefore, any leak found may not necessarily have been caused recently. A leak doesn't always occur near the damaged spot on the roof either, so trying to find the source can sometimes baffle homeowners.

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Missing shingles are an obvious red flag of roof damage, but some homeowners procrastinate on calling a roofing contractor thinking that it can wait. However, missing shingles can lead to water damage that's more expensive to fix than immediately repairing the missing shingles.

A shingle problem that is more difficult for the untrained eyes of homeowners is nail pops. Sometimes the shingle becomes raised slightly from the nail pop. Other times, the nail pop occurs without protruding the shingle.

After a hailstorm, scan the roof for cracks, dents and dimples. These are the common types of damage hail leaves behind. Usually dimples don't cause major problems, but they can still render the roof more vulnerable to rain, wind and snow. Cracks, on the other hand, are usually severe issues.

The roof itself and ceiling are not the only areas to inspect. Homeowners must also examine the fascia or vinyl siding, gutters and downspouts. If the fascia or vinyl siding is loose or missing, a roofing expert must be called. Gutters and downspouts that are loose, dented, or missing are another cause of concern because they are important for protecting the home from water damage.

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