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Slate roofing systems are valued for their ability to stand the test of time. They are capable of resisting all types of elemental damage, weathering even the harshest wind, snow and rain. A hard slate roof will last homeowners between 75 and 200 years. While it can be a massive investment for the homeowner, it can provide the roof with an incredible degree of protection as long as it is maintained properly. Fort Worth roofing specialists can provide the installation as necessary, but it will be up to the homeowners to make the most of their system.

The first step in maintaining a slate roof is regularly checking the surface. Homeowners will only need to take a look at their roof roughly once a year, and it is best to do this during the fall to prepare the roof for the winter. While checking the roof, it is important to avoid moving on its surface as slate is sensitive to pressure and the tiles may crack. If it is absolutely necessary for homeowners to get onto the roof, they should wear soft soled shoes and take care to disperse their weight on the middle of each tile with every step. Safety should always be kept in mind, and homeowners should have a friend spot them from the ground while they work.

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In addition to checking the surface of the roof, it is also beneficial to take a close look at the inside of the attic with a flashlight. Homeowners should look for evidence of water stains or leaks, especially after a long string of rainy days or a particularly heavy storm. Wind driven rain can be enough to cause trouble in any roofing system.

After the inspection, homeowners can proceed with a few preparatory procedures. During the fall, it is important for individuals to removal all fallen leaves and other articles of debris from the surface. With a stiff bristled brush or broom, homeowners should clear away the debris with slow and careful sweeping movements. For more stubborn grime, a pressure washer may be used, but homeowners should be sure to exercise caution to avoid spraying underneath the tiles. If debris is left on the surface of the roof, ice may build up underneath, which can result in the slate roof splitting or cracking. The presence of this ice can also lead to ice damming, which prevents proper runoff during the spring and may cause water to build up and settle underneath the roof.

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