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Although asphalt roofs are only usually rated to last between 12 and 20 years, homeowners who are vigilant and have their roofs routinely inspected can help extend the lifespan of their roof. In addition to having an expert Fort Worth roofing contractor inspect the roof every year, homeowners should have some general knowledge of problems to look for. If problems are spotted early, it can save homeowners time and money.

It is recommended that homeowners do their own basic visual inspection following severe storms and in the early spring and fall. When inspecting the exterior, homeowners should be looking for curled or buckling shingles. If there are sections of the roof that have lost shingles, the roof could have sustained damage from wind uplift. Dark patches on the shingles could indicate moss or algae growth. Damage to shingles around roof penetrations, which may include chimneys and skylights, could be an indication that the roof is leaking. Homeowners should also walk the perimeter of the home to see if there are any mineral granules on the ground. The gutter system should be checked for granules and organic debris.

If the home has an accessible attic, homeowners should take a quick peak during sunny days. If sunlight is coming through the roof, the shingles and the decking are no longer protecting the home and an expert roofer needs to be called immediately.

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Dark, wet spots on the underside of the roof decking and insulation should also be looked for.

Leaks do not just affect the attic space. If leaks are not caught early, water can potentially make its way down into the living space. The most common signs of a roof leak include cracks in the walls or ceiling, damp spots and staining around light fixtures and skylights and peeling paint or wallpaper. If damage has occurred to areas of the living space, the leaks have been occurring for some time. If it is possible to find the source of the leak, a roofer can provide a time and cost estimate for repairs quickly.

Asphalt roofs are a huge investment and should be treated as such. No homeowner wants to hear that the roof needs to be replaced prematurely because he or she failed to provide proper maintenance and inspections. If problems are identified, it is recommended that an expert be called so that the repairs can be completed properly. Not only will the leaks go away, but the lifespan of the roof may also be extended.

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