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A roof made of spray polyurethane foam or SPF can be put up quickly and with less expense than many other types of roofing. It is a viable roofing option for many low slope commercial roofs. It has excellent R values and can create an energy efficient roofing layer. The installation requirements for SPF roofing are very strict. It is important that a qualified Fort Worth roofing contractor familiar with these requirements be hired to install the roof.

An SPF roof consists of three basic layers of material. The substrate layer, which is often the roof deck, is the bottom most layer. The polyurethane foam layer is then sprayed over the top. A covering of gravel, acrylic, silicone or various other materials are then applied over the foam. Top coverings increase durability and may provide an additional aesthetic value.

The application of the polyurethane foam must be very precise. The foam is made of isocyanate and polyol that are heated and metered by a pumping device into a dual hosed sprayer. The two components are mixed at the nozzle head where they react to together to create the foam.

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Since the foam is extremely sensitive to temperature and moisture, there is a narrow window of time when it can be correctly applied. The installation process must be fast and efficient to fall well within this window. The best weather is warm and dry with no wind. Installation is typically done in the afternoon or late morning to ensure that any dew or collected moisture on the roof has completely evaporated. A borderline installation may weaken the foam's durability. Any buildup of moisture on the roof may also cause the foam to adhere improperly to the substrate or roof deck. A skilled installer can ensure that the spray is even. Improper installation can result in channels or pools that interfere with roof drainage and decrease the life expectancy of the roof.

One of the greatest advantages of SPF roofing is that it is relatively easy to apply over an existing roof. This can save costs associated with removing and disposing of the old roof. The biggest consideration when deciding to recover an old roof with SPF is that the old roof must be carefully cleaned. Loose gravel, dirt or other bits will interfere with the adherence of the SPF and weaken the covering.

When properly installed, and SPF roof is a fast and efficient roofing option that a commercial building owner may consider.

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