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Each roof has multiple layers, and the most commonly talked about layer is the covering. However, an equally important part of the roof that lies just beneath that is the underlayment. Most Fort Worth roofing experts describe the underlayment as a second layer of defense against the harsh elements found outside. Underlayments were traditionally made out of organic materials, but there has been an increase in the use of synthetic roofing underlayments.

Synthetic underlayment is relatively new in the industry and is manufactured using materials such as polypropylene. This differs from traditional underlayment, which is manufactured from organic materials such as asphalt and felt paper. The exact ingredients in synthetic underlayment differ between manufacturers, which is why some synthetic underlayments are more reliable than others are. The best way to tell the difference between a reliable brand and a cheap one is to talk to professional roofers to see which synthetic brands that they recommend.

Felt paper has been used for underlayment for several centuries, until advancements in technology and scientific research discovered that synthetic polypropylene was a superior material. One of the main reasons for this is its anti tear properties.

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While felt paper is designed in a way that makes it difficult to tear, synthetic underlayments are even harder to rip. The result is a material that can stand up to harsh outdoor elements better. While no underlayment can last forever, synthetic underlayments are much more likely to last the life span of the roof.

Another benefit of synthetic underlayment is its self adhering properties. It creates a stronger bond when it attaches to a surface, which protects the roofing deck from water, ice and snow. Not only does this adhesive create a secure bond, it also attaches well to nearly any surface. This gives roofers and homeowners more flexibility when they choose the different layers of their roof. Despite the added flexibility, they should still rely on professionals to install the underlayment because improper installation can create areas where moisture works its way into the home.

With all of these benefits, it's easy to see why synthetic underlayments have grown to become the number one choice in the modern era. Due to its flexibility, some homeowners have extra layers of it installed for additional protection. An extra layer of underlayment gives roofs more waterproof capabilities, which allows the homeowners to protect their home from moisture corrosion. It also adds another layer of strength to the roofing deck, which should help to increase the overall lifespan of the roof.

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