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Hiring a Fort Worth roofing company for an annual roof inspection can provide the homeowner with peace of mind. Professional inspectors can find all of the problems that the average person wouldn't be able to see on their own. Any issues found during the inspection can be fixed as soon as possible, which usually means that they're caught early and don't become even bigger problems. Most people like to go into the inspection process with a good idea of what to expect.

Most importantly, the inspector will look for signs that the roof is leaking. There's not always a telltale drip falling in the attic. Even when it hasn't rained for days, the inspector will be able to check the underside of the roof for discoloration and mold, both of which are signs that there's a leak somewhere. This isn't always noticeable directly on the decking. Sometimes, it's found on the rafters. Leaks may be noticeable from the top of the roof if the inspector finds soft spots as he's walking on the roof.

On a shingled roof, the inspector is going to examine the area for signs of loose or damaged shingles. This includes shingles that are starting to lose the granules or those that are turning up at the edges.

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If there's only a few shingles that are damaged, the roofing company can come back to replace those.

The inspector looks for this type of damage or wear on other types of roofs as well. For example, he might notice cracks in a few clay tiles or find that some of the fasteners on a metal roof need to be replaced. As with fixing the asphalt shingles, taking care of any of these types of small problems will prevent leaks down the road.

Most likely, the inspector will ensure that any water is draining properly. This involves a simple check of the gutters for blockages, and a scan of the roof for signs of damage from pooled water. It's especially common for water to pool in the areas around the gutters or in the valleys of the roof where two sections meet. If water is pooling, there could be some discoloration.

Each home is unique, and the inspector should also point out potential problems that the homeowner should be aware of. For instance, an overhanging branch might allow squirrels looking for a new home onto the roof, and improper attic ventilation can make the shingles break down prematurely. These types of suggestions should also be in the report.

No one wants to learn that there are problems with the roof that need an immediate fix, but knowledge is power. When homeowners catch the problems early, simple fixes will usually suffice.

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